Things that pisses me off.........(part 1)

Today morning I saw the newspaper and the headlines read " Diplomatic twist to slur on Shilpa". It said both the relations between the two governments could be severely affected.What the hell is going on here?? It was a tv show for crying out loud!!! Why didn't the government intervene when R Madhavan was killed due to the use of defect parts in RANG DE BASANTI!!! This made me think(finally!!!)... Usually I am pissed off with so many things, not many people knw that... So I thought I could make a list of things that pisses me off... So here goes

1) Mobile phones : Shocking!!!!These things are so getting f^%$in ridiculous and annoying. Every person I see has a mobile with him/her. Not that there's anything wrong with that though, but the problem is that these guys are not really used to these instruments that they forget the basic mobile manners. I see people riding a motorcycle and also on the phone. This is insane. Both the activities that they are doing definitely do not have the same levels of urgency.. Either pick up the call later or finish the call and then carry on with the journey.Also I am pissed off with the goofballs who forget to set the fone to vibrate in a cinema hall. A crucial scene would be keeping the audiences to the edge of their seats and the goofball's fone rings and he answers it as well!!! Sick of these people...Also the addons(camera,radio,tv,email, blah...blah...) to these fones are increasing in such great speed that o

2) Chinki females: Nooo, I am not getting racist or anything here.. There is a reason why I am pissed off with all these chinky females(question: who are they? where are they from? what the hell are they speaking?). I am riding on my bike,see, and I see this real gorgeous female on a bike/moped/walking whatever, and I race on my bike to have a look at the .............. face of the female and it turns out to be a chinki... So pissed off with them... Why the hell do they have to look so freakin gorgeous from the behind??.. Even if(by god's grace) they are good looking, they are already with a chinki dude whose pants look as though they are going to drop off any moment...

3) Credit Card companies: These guys are the limit... They have this incredible knack of always irritating you at the wrong times.... When you are in a meeting.... When you are eating... Some of them call you up well into the night..I have a solution to all of them... Revive Hitler from the dead and tell him that all these tele-marketers are Jews.... Bam.... All of them together in a gas chamber.....While that is being done, tell him that all the hippies in Goa are also jewish... Two birds in one stone...

4) Hippies in Goa: These fair skinned, pot smoking, gang banging hippies are really getting me more and more pissed off.... Goa is freakin filled with them....I, an Indian, was a minority there.. Are they actually doing anything for either themselves or Goa.... NO.... All they do is smoke pot and lie on the freakin beaches... I was almost happy for a second when I heard that the terrorists were going to bomb Goa!!!!!

5) Aishwarya Rai : Read previous post...

6) Commies in West Bengal : Enough already... Go find something better to do with you pathetic lives..... Almost every day is now becoming a bandh in Calcutta and Buddda aka CM is wondering why more IT companies are not coming there... Pathetic...

7) People who tell that the whole " Noida killings - Moninder Singh" is really blown out of proportion: Blown out of proportion... What the hell is wrong with you jackasses?? He has killed and then screwed around 20-25 people and they are mostly kids!!!!! I say blow that maniac's head off.... I say that all this stupid hanging or a firing squad wont cut it for this guy....I can suggest a way this guy can be executed(If the govt. is listening).... Firstly this guy should not be given a fair trial as only human beings deserve a fair trial....Execute him... Firsty cut off his p@#$S and feed it to him... After that, take a really hot iron rod and stick it straight up his ass..... And then, since he likes kids so much, get Micheal Jackson(similar tastes!!)to beat him with a baseball bat for about a day.... Micheal, in turn, has a clear history as all the previous charges against him will be dropped.... Then get him to drive a car and park it before Siddhu parks it... Siddhu would actually beat him, but not to death(he's not that dumb).... Then announce public ally that he is dating Aish so that Salman would go to him and beat him up... Finally get that cute little girl who played a blind girl in BLACK( no, not Rani) to shoot him repeatedly with a gun.... That would cut it....SOB

This is not complete... I am pissed off with a lot of other things.... Will continue in my forthcoming posts...


  1. Hey chill maga ... Its not good to get pisd with everything

    1. mobile phones : Paapa desha uddara aagtidre nindeno kirkiri ???

    2. Chinki females : neen bike odstidi antha ninge government on bike entertainment provide maadbeka ?? ;)

    3. Credit Card Companies : Atleast i get to speak to "SOME" females on phone evry day !

    4. Hippies in Goa : SAdhya they are there ... Illa andre bari kuntan jaati tumkondbitidru !!!

    5.Aishwariya : hehehehe ... urko ... Sour grapes !

    6.Commies in West Bengal: Dont find a difference between them and our system here - We have to pay for staying uip late in our own houses in Sahakarnagar ! ;)

    7. People who say moninder etc blown out of proportion : paapa IQ kammi maga ivrge ... forgive them

    Hogli bidu ... dost antha naan helad helidini ... innu urkobeku andre nin ishta

  2. @vini : It's better to be pissed off than pissed on!!!!!

  3. @Hari:
    You've probably left out certain stuff which I'd be glad to add..

    1)Morons in West Bengal: Who are hell bent upon making Saurav ganguly the Prime minister of India.

    2)Kongas: Who dress up like Yanks and speak like slum dwellers.

    3)John Grisham: And his set of non-fiction books.

    4)Himesh Reshammiya: And the story about his cap

    5)Lunatics on the road: Who, despite a traffic jam keep honking away to glory.

    6)Lunatics on the road again: who think that the road is their in-laws' property.

    7)Dumb(but HHHHHOT) females: Who've got locccal ragamuffins as dates.

    8)Locccal ragamuffins: Who think that the females actually are attracted to their 'beauty'.

    9)Locccccal scrap females: Wearing body-fit clothes.

    10)Rich kids: who think they can buy the world with their dad's money.(This pisses me off the most.) Includes misuse of dad's power.

    And more...

  4. @Hari :

    Yaako neen heltiradrallu nija ide anstide ...

    One more totally pissing off factor

    Jose Morinho: If i was given a club and loads of money ... i wudnt bother to buy so many footballers for nuts ... i'd rather buy the trophies directly ;)
    A day will come when all the World footballs governing body would be CHELSEA and not FIFA ;) ... who in the world (except barbar)will be playing for any other club !!??? ( I love this exaggeration !!!)

  5. @bhargav:
    1) you are just pissed that you are not getting any action while some local konga dude with identity crisis(to quote kunta) is getting some.
    2) I belong to the "lunatics on the road" category that you were mentioning... So, no comments.
    3) John Grisham and Himesh are assclowns
    4) Being 1/10000th bong myself, I have two words for ya " rosa gullas"... I mean," dada rocks"

    @vini: Magane, u should write a blog named "contradictions galore" ;-)...Hari-ism meele hari-ism....Anyways your point on chelsea is absolutely valid... barbar will the only faithful supporter even if they get relegated!!!!.. Roman is a goofball...If I had as much money as he has, I would become like Vijay Mallya or Hugh Hefner... Screw football, I'll play with hotchicks.....

  6. first time around. had a god time reading the ash-ab post.

    good one!

  7. @dharmu : Hey... U are Bhargav's couz right.. Thanks!!!...

  8. You are pissed and wishes even for the death of people whose only "crime" is that they "smoke pot and lie on the freakin beaches".

    You should seriously consider getting professional help, because that is just utterly fucking insane.

    You have indeed shut the eye of reason.