Things that pisses me off........(part 2)

List of people that make me so angry that I wanna rip out my eyeballs out and replace it with
my other pair of balls....

1) People that send Good morning and good afternoon and good evening mails.

2) People that have a saying in the signatures of their mails. Hey buddies, guess what? I dont give a rat's ass about wat Aristotle said or wat Conficious said. You know, actually if someone put this saying, that would be saying the truth :

"Men like me are really are so jobless that we take out our frustration by annoying others
with meaningless anecdotes"
- Frustrated, Jobless, stupid software engineer

3) Credit card company representatives, who by the way have the worst sense of timing in the world, call you up to offer really lucrative deals with their credit cards. Guess what people -
THERE ARE NO LUCRATIVE DEALS IN CREDIT CARDS. Once you get one, you are screwed for life!!!!

4) Indian cricket team selectors. Wat the hell. I guess these guys are having lemons for eyes and peanuts for brains. I'll tell you why. If you made my 8 year old cousin as the selector of the national team, he would not pick jackasses like Sehwag ,Harbajan, Pathan, Agarkar. The last time I remember these guys performing was in the 20th century!!!!!If you ask the selectors why they select these numbskulls, they'll say that we are short of talent. SHORT OF TALENT!!! People, of 1 billion people if we cannot have a decent team of 11 players then I think it is high time we get out of the sport.Australia, that beer swilling redneck prison convicts down south, have a population of 20 million(2% of ours) can have one great team and a bunch of awesome reserves, the I really think itz time we went back to our roots - beating up people with hockey sticks

5) PETA(People for the Ethical treatment of Animals): A group of the Biggest losers on the
planet.Their slogan is "animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment". Wat the @^#%? Let us look at these one by one

a) Wearing dead animals is a stupid thing that these ladies do. I mean, these ladies can wear a dead fox around their shoulders, but are scared of a cockroach?? This is crazy
PETA 1, sane humans 0
b) Experiment on: As I already mentioned in my previous post, hippies can be used for this
purpose, but then the whole world would start noticing. So we have no other options. I mean,
who will poor Paris hilton or Madonna test their new line of cosmetics on?
PETA 1, Sane humans 1
c) Entertainment: This one is a no-brainer. Where would we be without animal movies like
Jurassic Park, King Kong,Godzilla, Dr Dolittle or the animated ones like Shrek, madagascar.
I mean you would have no cock fights, maybe in NASA bar Bangalore ;-) ;-).
PETA 1, sane humans 2
d) Eat : PETA 1, sane humans 3

I mean the guys at PETA , assuming that they are veggies, are at fault too. Plants have
feelings too. Nobody cares about them. Just because they can't speak doesnt mean that we
have to harm them. Please read PETV

6) Indian kids under 18 who think they are american : Dear Reader, Please do me a flavour.
If you ever find an Indian kid impersonation americans(usually blacks) or american culture,
give them a hard kick in the ass.Stupid Idiots. Mimicking the americans would be like
mimicking the apes.

7)Anybody and everybody associated with ZOOM television: Cmon. A channel dedicated only to see wat the celebrities do, where they eat and other news.U want real entertainment. Go to
Majestic area in the evening with a camera and see all the tomfoolery that happens there.

To be continued....

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  1. Dude, me agree with you on counts 1, 2,3,4,5a,5b,6 and 7. However, "I beg to differ from you" on 5c adn 5d.

    5c) - There have been no objections whatsoever by PETA for movies like Jurassic Park, King Kong, Godzilla etc.. Dude, tat friggin cheap shit SAMAN Khan shot black bucks for cheap thrills.. Would you still say tat it aint fair for them to go fight it out.. Agreed, they are hypocrites..But you need somebody to stand up for those mute animals. (Me a big animal lover... U know tat.. And me also know how much you dislike dogs, specially Cheeku and Tuffy)... U say you get pissed off with Peta..Me thinks you just pissed off with dogs..Nothing else..

    5d) When you say eat animals, you are no better than Kunta and his booze/fag.. I cant think of any remark that could be worse..